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Steelers-Jets Recap

The Steelers start out slow as usual but eventually pull away in the 2nd half from the Jets, 27-10.

The Good – Offense continues to show some real potential. I get the feeling the Jets sort of gave up in the 4th quarter (I would too if my QB’s were Dirty Sanchez and Tebow without a lead in the 4th), but it was still nice to see some positive run plays inside the redzone. Offense still has a ways to go before it can be considered a well-oiled machine but I think it’ll get there eventually this year.

– Ben continues his quiet but impressive start to the season. He had a couple boners as always, but overall looking good. I especially like the fact that he’s been dumping it off a little bit more so far and seems more decisive (on some plays).

– Ryan Clark actually had a decent game for a FS. Still isn’t worth the salary, though.

– Brown continues to kick ass and take names. Wallace continues to solidify his positon as 2nd best WR on the team (nice TD grab).

– Tomlin gave some good high fives on the sideline.

The Bad – Chris Rainey needs to learn to catch the ball. So far not impressed. I’d like to see more of Batch to see what he is capable of. Rainey honestly doesn’t seem that fast and seems to hesitate too much for my liking.

– The screen play still needs A LOT of work. I think the Steelers might run those plays worse than anyone in the league.

– The O-line, injuries, no injuries, don’t care, it’s pretty mediocre so far this season. Improved? No.

– Ziggy Hood and most of the LB corps continues to underwhelm. I need to quit telling myself “they could’ve taken Sean Lee, they could’ve taken Sean Lee, they could’ve…”

– The crappy and unimpressive start to this game –  it was bad as it normally is, unfortunately. Luckily, the defense decided to finally step it up in the 2nd half (maybe they realized they were playing against Mark Freakin’ Sanchez).

– The wasted timeouts – a Steeler staple under Tomlin continued in this game.

– Woodley is a waste. The sack was great, but what else did he do? Especially for the amount of money he is getting paid?

The Weird – Seeing a Steelers punter actually pin a punt inside the opponents 10 yard line…More than once! I’m liking this Butler kid so far.

– Seeing the decline of what has for so long been the Steelers strength and identity – The LB Corps.

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