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Steelers Raiders recap

The Steelers, in amazingly bad and undisciplined fashion, somehow lose to the overmatched Raiders, 31-34. The Steelers under Tomlin start games either A.) sleepwalking until the 2nd half or B.) Playing clearly better than their overmatched opponent but somehow keeping the score very close with bad discipline, mistakes and coaching blunders. This game would clearly fall under B.

The Good – Well, Ben had a great game, especially on paper,  but he still had some bad plays. Most notably the final play on offense for the team on a 3rd and 9. On the play, the Raiders run an all-out blitz, Ben stupidly waits and waits when he clearly needs to get rid of the ball ASAP. Wallace was open but Ben overthrows him. Huge play obviously. The rest of the game, Ben obviously had more great plays than not but  no excuse for this kind of play from a player of this caliber in this situation.

-Baron Batch is really impressing. Maybe he should be the #1 RB? Or at the very least be more involved in the offense

– Heath Miller is a monster, outside of Ben, arguably player of the game for the Steelers.

-The WR corps continues to kick ass but the fumbles (three) need to stop obviously.

– This offense did accumulate 31 points which SHOULD be more than enough to win a game when the opponent is the Raiders. I liked what I saw for the most part.

– Uh, that’s about it.

The Bad – Defense. Lebeau. Tomlin. ST’s. Lack of discipline. Willie Fuckin’ Colon. Where do I start?

– The defense is BAD. I mentioned in Week 1 that I thought the defense would be taking a step back. I think they’ve actually taken a couple steps back. Like usual, The secondary never made hardly ANY plays on passes until after the catch is made (a result of Lebeau’s philosophy). There was virtually NO pressure on Palmer. Run defense, due to recent bad picks on the D-line and aging vets is really looking poor, today was no different. Why Cameron Heyward is not getting more playing time is beyond me. Another reason for the legend to retire.

– Too many players on defense are either turning out to be busts (like Timmons or Hood) ineffective (Carter, Worilds) or are aging past the point of being effective (Kiesel, Hampton). Not a good combination.

– This is how bad it got for the defense – The Steelers, on their final offensive drive, went for it on a 4th and 1 from the STEELERS own 31! Why? Because the defense couldn’t stop a Carson Palmer-led Raiders offense! That is how bad it’s gotten.

– This had better be the last year for Dick Lebeau. He’s a legend but he has done just an awful job this year as DC. Yes, it’s true, the game has passed him by, he has no answer for today’s spread offenses. This Raiders offense is awful but not today and that is mostly a result of Lebeau getting completely outcoached.

– Penalties and more penalties. Inexcusable for a team with this much experience  making numerous dumb mistakes over and over again. I’ve said it before but this team is easily one of the dumbest teams in the NFL. Talented? Oh yes, which is why this team is still more successful than not but man are they dumb.

– Willie Colon needs to be booted off this team. On the Steelers last drive of the game, numbnuts commits a stupid and obvious hold call on the 1st play setting up a 1st and 20 from the 10. GREAT job, fat useless one! He also committed another stupid and unnecessary hold on a delayed handoff. How the hell do you commit a hold on a delayed handoff where your job as an OL is to simply push the defender past you? I don’t know, ASK COLON!

– Good gameplan by the Steelers to throw it a good bit more than run it against an injury-depleted Raiders secondary but I’ve gotta say I’m not too impressed with this run-by-committee approach to the run game. Redman should not be the starter. Time for coaches to start taking the reigns a little bit more and start making some tough choices with personnel.

– Mike Tomlin. What the hell does this guy do??? I’ve asked this question a hundred times, I still have no clue. He’s supposedly a defensive (backs) coach but the secondary has largely sucked under his reign, along with most of the defensive draft picks. His team continually commits dumb undisciplined mistakes (fumbles, penalties, etc.) with seemingly no accountability. I get it, this team is talented but as head coach there needs to be SOME discipline, SOME accountability. I’m just not seeing any of that.

The Weird – I’ve never seen an announcer so clearly root for a team. Dan Fouts, what the fuck are you doing? Rooting for the Raiders? A team that usually kicked your ass in your playing days. I don’t get it. Then Fouts started talking about greased pigs and things got really weird.

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