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Steelers-Eagles Recap

In typical fashion under Tomlin, the Steelers pull out another nail-biter, 16-14 over the Egales. This game was filled with the usual sloppy undisciplined play which continues to go seemingly unchecked by the coaching staff.

The Good – Lawrence Timmons had maybe his  most impressive game as a Steeler. Maybe he’s been reading Steeler fan messagboards. He shredded blocks, helped in the run game and put a good amount of pressure on Vick. He looked like a man possessed on some plays. Great to see, it’ll be even better to see this on a weekly basis.

Rashard Mendenhall came back and had a nice productive game. It was great to see him used on some effective swing out passes, something that was missing a good bit under Arians. I don’t think he’s the answer going forward, especially considering the kind of pay he’ll demand but it’ll be nice to get some production out of him this year.

Ben had some nice quick throws at times. He also had some real boners and questionable decisions at times. On a big third down play in the 2nd half he misses a wide open Miller that would’ve resulted in a 1st down. He was fortunate not to have one or two interceptions. To be fair, he also should’ve had a TD or two but had some drops and slips from the WR corps.

James Harrison was back and while he didn’t have his best game ever, it was great to see consistent production from the outside linebacker position as Harrison got some nice pressure on Vick at times.

Jason Worilds actually had a nice play! Same goes for McLendon, who made a good argument today to get more playing time.

The defense, outside of the awful last TD drive, had possibly their best game of the year so far. They seemed much more hungry and got some good pressure on Vick. Lebeau seemed to be mixing up looks and schemes more and it paid off (outside of the last drive, which was pretty bad).

The Bad – The offensive production – 16 points at home, 3 on the final drive, is not going to get it done. Sloppy mistakes, drops, dumb penalties, dumb holds, dumb decisions by Ben and questionable calls at times were all on display today. Offense still has a long ways to go until it meets it’s potential.

Watching all the 1st down runs in the 1st half. Try mixing it up, Haley, you’re not running Arians running attack this year, don’t have to run it exclusively on 1st down! That’s a good reason the Steelers run offense is ranked so low. The 2nd half was better but Haley should be doing a better job mixing it up at this point.

There was a sequence in the 1st half where the offense was called for 5 consecutive penalties. You have got to be kidding me.

Willie Colon was called for about 20 penalties in this game or at least it seemed like. The least of which was the first play on the final Steelers drive of the game. Way to put the team in a hole to start the biggest drive of the game, Colon! The amazing thing was the run play was designed to go to the opposite side of the O-line and yet Colon still decides to hold a guy that is getting double teamed! Amazing!

Watching some sloppy tackling by the Steelers defense at times. Not good. Ike Taylor somehow missed Eagles RB Lesean McCoy on a big third down and 3 on the Eagles final drive.

Run defense is still a concern.

Overall, the biggest issue I have with this performance is something that has been a constant problem under Tomlin – a simple lack of discipline which results in dumb mistakes and dumb penalties that kills drives or aids in extending opponent drives and today was no different.

Watching the officiating – horrible once again.

The Weird – Watching Ben and Tomlin with arms around each other before the FG attempt at the end of the game. What exactly were they doing? Congratulating each other on another underwhelming performance at home in a must-win game against an average opponent? Tomlin – “Good job, Ben, the offense only had about 20 penalties and about 5 drops and you guys scored 13 so far. Not much to change, keep it up.” Ben – “Thanks, coach.”

Seeing Troy Aikman actually criticize the officiating. This hardly ever happens so you know it was BAD.

Seeing hardly any deep passes to Wallace during the game. Was there even one? What ‘s even stranger is with the officiating these days you have a 50/50 chance of something good happening – either a catch or defensive pass interference. Why not throw it up a couple times at least? Actually, there have hardly been any deep passes thrown this year by Ben to anyone. Strange stuff.

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