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Steelers-Titans Recap

Since winning the Superbowl there have been two constant themes with this team under Mike Tomlin, neither of them good – the defense will ALMOST ALWAYS give up points on the ensuing drive after a Steelers score and this team will ALMOST ALWAYS play down to the competition. Both of these themes were on display yet again tonight in the Steelers embarrassing 26-23 loss to the Titans.

The Good – I continue to be impressed by the youngster Baron Batch. He runs hard, especially for a RB his size. His numbers weren’t too impressive but give the kid some more playing time behind a healthier line and let’s see what he can do.

Isaac Redman had a great game until he got hurt.

Ben played well for a good portion of the game although maybe not so good at key points in the game.

Heath Miller is Mr. Dependable.

Cortez Allen had a few nice plays in pass coverage.

The Bad – The defense continues to be about as effective as a wet paper bag at key times, tonight was no different. Matt Freakin’ Hasselbleck had almost 300 yards passing and Chris Johnson, the RB who was supposedly washed up and ineffective this season had almost 100 yards rushing and a 4.8 yard average. Oh shit.

Some of the offensive playcalling in this game had me scratching my head at times. The Steelers lack of urgency on the last offensive drive and some of the playcalling on that series was just downright bad. No, Steelers, a 54 yard FG attempt in all likelihood will NOT win you the game because – A.- Suisham probably isn’t making it and B. – There is still 50 seconds left  so even if somehow Suisham were to make it  you have a defense that continually gives up game-winning or game-tying drives in situations exactly like this. Horribly mismanaged series and really entire game by the coaching staff.

Ike Taylor had another underwhelming game.

Are people starting to wake up to the fact that the Steelers probably have a lameduck coach in Mike Tomlin? The evidence is certainly starting to mount.

– Tomlin’s in-game decision-making (like attempting a 54 yard FG with 50 seconds left in a tie game) continues to be a big red flag.

– The Steelers heading into tonight’s game were averaging more penalties than any team in the NFL. That starts with a lack of discipline, which obviously starts with the head coach. Which has been an ongoing theme with Tomlin for some time.

– The team’s preparedness and overall execution continues to be borderline dismal. Again, head coach.

I think a lot of fans will continue to look elsewhere for reasons why the Steelers lost this game (if only Mendenhall played we might’ve squeaked out a win against the Titans!) and are now 2-3, but I think it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the main problem starts with the head coach and goes from there.

The Weird – All the injuries. Seriously this has gone past the point of just defying the odds, especially on the O-line. Something is definitely wrong here – trainers, doctors, coaches, I dunno. Steelers better get this shit fixed.

We now have 10 days until the Steelers play the Bengals in what will assuredly be another nail-biter filled with gaffes, miscues, coaching blunders and hopefully a close win.

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