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Steelers-Giants Recap

The Steelers overcome not only the Giants but also the refs en route to an impressive 24-20 win on the road. This is the kind of win that can set a certain tone for the rest of the season, very impressive.

The Good – Isaac Redman and the running game. The O-line took advantage of an athletic pass-rushing Giants D-line and consistently won the battle at the line of scrimmage in the run game. Redman ran like a man possessed at times. Great to see. Third straight week with a 100 yard rusher only means good things for any offense. This was HUGE today.

– Jerricho Cotchery stepping in for an injured Antonio Brown and playing well, including a key catch on the final drive of the 1st half leading to a FG.

– Keenan Lewis’ play, breaking up a blooper ball by Manning (the most overrated QB in the NFL) and tipping another ball on 3rd down. Great coverage on a 3rd and goal fade pass in the 2nd half. Kid is REALLY impressing of late.

– Ike Taylor intercepting a pass, it’s like an eclipse, enjoy it while you can because it’ll probably be awhile before you see another one!

– The secondary. REALLY proud of these guys, played probably their best game of the season. Taylor with some good coverage and a pick, Cortez stepping up, Lewis continuing his great play, the safeties even without Troy played inspired ball.

– Wallace’s awesome run after catch for a 51 yard TD with the Giants blitzing. Welcome to the 2012 season, Wallace!

– ST’s not screwing the Steelers today, awesome. Rainey and Sanders were amazing with their returns.

The Bad – Ben’s interception, bad pass and decision, especially since he was throwing it to Wallace, a WR who NEVER fights for a contested pass.

– Mike Tomlin STUPIDLY challenging a spot of the ball after a catch in the 3rd quarter. Dumb, dumb, dumb. What is the difference if he wins? Not worth the risk even though he won the challenge. The Giants easily converted the 3rd and short.

– Virtually no pressure on Eli most of the game until the 2nd half.

– Larry Foote in pass coverage, what is the point? To give the opposing QB’s some freebies?

– Steeler re-cementing their legacy as one of the dumbest teams in the NFL with a fake FG in the 4th quarter on a 4th and less than one yard inside the Giants 5 with a pitch to SUISHAM, yes the kicker! Let’s see, the offense has been tearing it up on the ground all game and you have one of the best QB’s in the NFL and you decide to try a fake FG by running the ball with a pitch out to your kicker! GREAT logic, Tomlin! Luckily it didn’t come back to haunt the Steelers.

– Watching Steelers fail miserably in the 1st half with screen plays. Maybe one problem is the O-line just doesn’t sell it very well. Back to the lab.

– Watching Woodley whiff horribly on WR Victor Cruz allowing a big pass play.

– Seeing Wallace drop a key second and 7 pass and run out of bounds for a one yard gain on a bubble screen. If that’s Antonio Brown, that’s at least 4 or 5 yards on that play.

– The stupid waste of early TO’s once again comes back to bite the Steelers in the ass at the end of the 1st half. Having one more or all the TO’s instead of just one TO could’ve resulted in a TD instead of a last second FG. Big difference in a tight game where the other team clearly has the refs on their side.

– Steelers first drive of the 2nd half after another great return by Rainey. No points, totally wasted effort. Dumb play by Ben on 3rd down (sack?) and a horrible effort by the robotic chicken legs Wallace on a bubble screen on 2nd down that resulted in just one yard.

 The Embarrassingly Bad – Watching the Giants get a TD on two bullshit officiating calls. One very, very ticky tack 41 yard pass interference called on Keenan Lewis and one illegal blow to the head on Ryan Clark (NO hit to the head!) on a 3rd and goal play. Great football, NFL!  Embarrassing. What a joke. I don’t agree with Simms a lot of the time but he’s 100% correct that they need to change PI calls to a 15 yard penalty, it’s such a judgment call and some of these calls are just downright horrible and reactionary. The refs were definitely favoring the Giants in this game, at least in the 1st half.

– Speaking of horrible officiating, it doesn’t get much worse than the ruled fumble and return for a TD on the play where Ben’s arm was clearly going forward. What. A. Joke. Just embarrassing. First of all, why wasn’t the play blown dead when the ball clearly was moving forward eliminating any chance of a fumble? When has this kind of play EVER been ruled a fumble? What was maybe more embarrassing is seeing Phil Simms (and later Bill Cowher!!) TRY to justify it as the game progressed when the replays all showed Ben still had his hand on the ball going forward. Just a joke. NFL = corrupt fraud under Goodell. At that point in the game the score was Steelers  – 7, NFL Officials – 14. GREAT! Give me more NFL, I just love it! I might just run down the streets naked and covered in honey the day Goodell is shown the door to celebrate.

The Weird – Where the hell is Troy? Is he still on the team? Is he ever going to play again?

– The justification by announcers and media talking heads for some of the calls today is simply flabbergasting even by Goodell standards.

– “Blindside Block” What the hell is that?

Overall, a great win by a resilient team that did not give up. Hopefully, this will set the tone for the rest of the season.

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