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Steelers-Chiefs Recap

In typical fashion, the Steelers play down (REALLY down) to the competition and get a miracle win at home against the lowly Chiefs, 16-13 in OT. Arguably, the Steelers didn’t deserve, nor should’ve, won this game but we’ll get back to that.

The Good – Not much. Lawrence Timmons made some nice plays including the game-clinching INT off a tipped pass in OT.

– The running game with Redman and Dwyer was decent at times.

– Mike Wallace made a fantastic TD catch.

– Heath Miller was consistent as always.

– No bad ST blunders.

The Bad – Pretty much everything else besides the end result (The W), which is obviously the most important thing, still…..

– Ben being injured. Of course this happens in a game like this.

– Leftwich playing slow and sloppy as usual in place of Ben. Time for a real backup yet, Steelers?  Maybe a QB that doesn’t have the slowest windup and release in the history of the NFL?

– The sloppy run defense continues.

– The sloppy, uneven and unfocused offensive gameplan. Bleh.

– Ziggy Hood and Lamaar Woodley should turn in their paychecks. Give it to charity. Something because they sure didn’t earn it today. Arguably neither one of these players has earned their paychecks this year and tonight was no different. Woodley, in particular, is frustrating to watch as he stumbles and bumbles around the field game after game this season. Get some new cleats and lose some weight, do something!

– Above all else, Tomlin “Mr.Do-Nothing” strikes again. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a matter of whether the Steelers can overcome Mike Tomlin’s inept head coaching from week to week, because it’s pretty much a given at this point. Is this guy a saboteur? Does he secretly work for the Ravens organization? Game after game, season after season, this team looks undisciplined, plays down to competition, sleepwalks almost through entire games (like tonight’s game) and plays dumb because they are coached dumb. It’s no coincidence when it becomes a consistent pattern.

– I thought last week could’ve been a turning point in the season with what seemed like a tough-fought and resilient win on the road against a supposedly tough opponent in the Giants. Well, I should’ve known better. Especially after seeing the Giants get their asses kicked against the Bengals this past Sunday. It’s hard picturing this team getting far in the playoffs, although the AFC is looking very weak right now so who knows.

The Embarrassingly Bad – Watching the Chiefs get ripped off left and right by some horrible officiating. It was weird to see the officials actually favoring the Steelers for once, but it still sucked. Some fans don’t care how their team wins as long as they win. Not me. Sorry, I’m not a Raiders fan, it’s embarrassing to see a team like the Steelers play bad and get bailed out by some horrendous officiating by the referees. The Chiefs had a TD taken back on a completely bullshit holding penalty. The Chiefs were called for a an illegal hit to the QB which kept a Steeler drive alive, there was nothing of the sort on the play. On the Chiefs last game-tying drive there was a horrible offensive pass interference call. Somehow (maybe it was karma) the Chiefs still managed to get in FG range and tie the game up. The NFL, officials and Goodell are making the game a laughing stock and frankly it’s just not very fun to watch anymore. You know there is something wrong when you’re constantly waiting for flags on incompletions and on any sort of hit on the QB.

The Weird – Seeing all the empty seats in the stands, I almost thought it was a preseason game.

– Listening to Gruden gush about Timmon’s INT in OT and criticizing Cassell’s throw over and over but failing to mention that the ball was CLEARLY tipped by Kiesel at the line of scrimmage. Is this guy blind?

– Bad mouthing a ref is a flag. I think pretty much everything is a flag these days. Taunting is a flag. Too many guy’s celebrating a TD is a flag. Giving Goodell the middle finger is a flag. The sport is becoming so sanitized and overly officiated it’s ridiculous. It’s obvious that the NFL is doing it’s best to make the sport of football an overly sanitized and controlled product for the masses.

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