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Steelers-Ravens Recap

Steelers lose an ugly and boring game at home against the equally unimpressive Ravens, 13-10. This game will be totally forgotten except for an admirable effort by the Steelers defense and the usual gaffes, mistakes and coaching miscues.

The Good – The defense. Pretty much the only good thing for the Steelers. Woodley played a decent game, the D-line played inspired ball against the run. Harrison had some nice pressure at times. The secondary continues it’s great play. This has been arguably the one real nice surprise this year. Keenan Lewis and Ike Taylor playing great ball. I’ve been down on Ryan Clark a lot for some time but I think he may be playing his best ball this season. Still don’t understand why he’s a FS, though, he’s definitely not a cover guy.

– Dwyer, outside of a poor run on a 3rd and one, had another really solid game.

– Manny Sanders had some nice grabs for big yards.

The Bad – Pretty much everything else.

– Watching Byron Leftwich act hurt after every play. Is this guy out of shape? Is anyone on this team in NFL shape? Leftwich’s passes and decision making were bad all game. Why the coaching staff stuck with him in the 4th quarter, especially considering this guy clearly did not want to be out there was mind boggling to watch.

– I’ve bitched and moaned why the Steelers need to address the backup QB situation for years now. The team’s negligence in this department played a huge part in the loss tonight.

–  Time and again the Steelers defense gave the ball back to the offense only to see this unit piss it away with indifferent play and coaching from the QB, WR corps, Tomlin and Haley.

– ST play, horrible, punt return for a TD and plethora of blunders.

– Watching Mike Wallace play like a complete loser. First, A fumble after clearly not wanting to get hit leading to a Ravens FG and in the 4th quarter quitting on a low pass by Leftwich at the end of the game which was HUGE considering how bad Leftwich was playing, the score and situation. Where is the accountability for this kind of horseshit play, Tomlin?? Is it because Wallace makes a great play every once in awhile that this kind of horrible quitter play is OK? BULLSHIT.

– Once again the wasted TO’s come back to bite this team in the ass. Does Tomlin EVER learn from past mistakes? So far it sure as hell doesn’t look like it. To be fair, with the way Leftwich was playing maybe it wouldn’t have mattered but I thought the object was to win the damn game.

-Watching Mendenhall embarrass himself as he gets piledrived by Ngata after performing another one of his dumb spinmoves. Maybe the Steelers can actually trade him right now for a 4th or 5th round draft pick instead of getting nothing in the offseason.

– The very last offensive series for the Steelers. Want to see a dumb team in action? Here ya go! With just a minute left and the Steelers down 3, deep in their own territory, Mendenhall fails to run out of bounds after short dumpoff. Leftwich then takes an eternity to snap the ball on the following play instead of simply spiking it. Brilliant! Mike Tomlin – best young head coach in football, LOL. That’s what the sports media tells me so I know it’s true!

– The Steelers definitely did not overcome the ineptness of Tomlin in this game. If Ben had played the team may have been able to overcome another game of bad ST play, sloppy play, dumb penalties, the usual bad coaching and preparation, wasted timeouts, lack of discipline, etc. But that didn’t happen unfortunately.

I’ll just say this – if Leftwich starts next week, expect another nailbiter against the Browns with the definite possibility of a loss which would obviously be bad, real bad. Steelers should sign a FA QB NOW. Fuck the offseason, this shit is about 5 years late, tonight was more than ample proof of that.

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