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Steelers-Browns Recap

Steelers, unsurprisingly at this point, play like a bunch of incompetent losers under their incompetent head coach and lose to the hapless Browns, 20-14. Don’t know what’s worse – that the Steelers lost to the Browns or that I’m not really surprised by the outcome at this point.

The Good – The defense continues it’s great play overall.

– I missed the 1st half and some of the 2nd half.

– If there are a couple more games like this we might start hearing some  “Tomlin fired?” rumors.

The Bad – Everything else obviously – the 8 TO’s, Batch’s performance, the coaching, the officiating.

– Every time I see referee Ron Winters I just want to punch him in the face. The guy and his crew are incompetent jackasses. When I turned on the TV and saw the penalty count – 9 for each team in the 3rd quarter I just shook my head. OK, the NFL clearly doesn’t care about the actual sport of football anymore, it’s all about the product. Well, who wants to see a game with this many penalties (a number of which were not penalties or easily could’ve not been called)? It’s a BAD product.

– Mike Wallace continues to be a very one-dimensional WR and once again failed to fight for a ball and played like a big loser for most of the game.

– Mike Tomlin is a bad head coach. How many more games like this until fans start to wake up to this truth? 8 turnovers, sloppy and undisciplined play (as usual), playing down to competition, dumb game management. This shit is on display pretty much every week.

– Speaking of which, it sure would’ve been nice to have that last TO at the end of the game today, wouldn’t it?

The Weird – Seeing the Steelers aging and injured defense turn it on in the past month or so. A team with Larry Foote at LB, a slow FS, an aging D-line and Troy Polamalu out for most of the season playing this well? Pretty damn impressive, even if some of the competition hasn’t exactly been that impressive.

This has been a pretty forgettable season thus far, but the Steelers still have a chance to do something, although with each passing week it’s looking less and less likely that the team will make any sort of mark on the 2012 season. Let’s hope Ben is back for the Ravens game.

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