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Steelers-Ravens Recap

The Steelers play another sloppy (but yet resilient) game, edging out the Ravens, 23-20 on the road in what could potentially end up being a huge win.

The Good – The Steelers pass blocking was great, Charlie Batch had tons of time to throw the ball throughout the game.

– Watching Heath Miller play like a champion, per usual. His TD catch was a thing of beauty.

– Charlie Batch’s gritty play in the 2nd half.

– Manny Sanders rebounding with a couple nice grabs after two disastrous plays.

– The nifty fake bubble screen play that went for big yardage when Batch connected with Miller down the seam. Great play.

– Mike Wallace rebounding with a couple nice grabs after being a complete loser in the 1st half.

– The secondary’s pass coverage continues to be fairly strong outside of a couple boners.

– Watching James Harrison return with a signature strip sack play at a crucial time in the game. HUGE.

Mixed Bag – The running game, in particular Dwyer and Redman. It’s pretty clear at this point that neither player is a #1 RB and it’s an area of the team that the Steelers will have to address in the offseason. Both ran hard tonight but both showed a lack of vision (and skill) on a number of runs, runs that could’ve resulted in at least 2 or 3 yards but instead resulted in no yards.

The Bad – Mike Wallace continuing to play like a complete loser. The dropped deep ball in the 1st half, giving up on the pass on the very previous and then giving up on the overthrow in the endzone by Batch. Horrible throw but what did Wallace do on the play? Absolutely nothing, no attempt to actually catch the ball. Inexcusable, but this has been his play and attitude going back to last year, outside of the occasional “splash” play.

– Manny Sanders inexplicable catch and fumble. Yikes. Then the dropped pass on 3rd down on the next series. Ugh.

– The Steelers run defense continues it’s inconsistent play.

– The officiating was once again horrible. The PI call in the 1st half and then the roughing the QB call on the Ravens at the end of the game, both bullshit. I’d be pretty pissed off if I were a Ravens fan on that call since it essentially gave the win to the Steelers. This is the worst thing an official can do in this situation – STAY OUT OF THE GAME in critical situations like this unless it’s blatant. Let the teams decide the outcome, fucking Goodell. I’d feel worse, except I hate the Ravens and objectively speaking they played a bad game.

– Watching Charlie Batch play like a panicked rookie in the 1st half. Locking onto WR’s and needlessly jumping around behind some great pass protection was tough to watch.

– Not getting Heath Miller involved until the end of the 1st half? Inexcusable.

– Once again some questionable playcalling by Haley and Co. When the Steelers got the ball back deep in their own territory with about 6 minutes left in a tie ball game the Steelers took the super conservative route with two back to back runs for about 3 yards. If Batch doesn’t connect on that 3rd down and long play there’s a pretty decent shot the Steelers do not win this game. The Ravens would’ve gotten the ball back in good field position with little time left. Another example of making things risky by ironically going the “conservative” route.

– ST’s play continues it’s poor play. Bad punting and poor blocking on punt returns.

This is a great win but the Ravens played a bad game and I was shocked that this team was 9-2 headed into today’s game. Maybe John Harbaugh should be considered a coach of the year candidate because this Ravens team, outside of a few players, is mediocre. Not to take anything away from this win, but the Steelers still played a sloppy and at times undisciplined game. That definitely needs improvement. Let’s keep things in perspective going forward.


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