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Steelers Recap and Wishlist

Steelers, in typical moronic fashion under Tomlin, play starters (and ignore a golden opportunity to let younger guy’s get valuable playing time) and win a meaningless game against the Browns, 24-something, wasn’t really paying attention. This win will take the Steelers down at least 4 or 5 spots in the draft. Great job, guys. It’s like the cherry on top of a shit sundae that is the 2012 season.

Here is what I’d like to see happen in the offseason. Basically a fan wish list –

1. First and foremost – Tomlin is fired as head coach. This won’t happen but should.

2. Ben actually buy’s into Haley’s system. Probably won’t happen so Haley should be let go and Ben should just call his own plays.

3. Mendenhall is let go and Steelers get a legit starting RB. Dwyer, Redman, Rainey are not the answer.

4. If Haley comes back he pulls his head out of his ass and quits running the ball over and over again up the middle.

5. Wallace is re-signed for cheap or let go.

6. Woodley comes into next season in shape or the Steelers find a way to trade him. Talk about a completely underachieving, overpaid injury-prone player.

7. Steelers find some sucker that will trade for Ziggy Hood.

8. Steelers get a new ST coach, new WR coach, training/conditioning coaches, etc.

9. Larry Foote is let go. Willie Colon is let go, I don’t care what his contract says. Trade him, get him the hell off the team, he’s a cancer.

10. In the draft the Steelers actually pick up some impact players (LB, S, WR, RB, whatever) that can contribute right away.

11. Steelers find a new punter.

12. Steelers find a young QB and/or a reliable veteran QB. This area was once again neglected, Steelers finally signed a younger QB in Hoyer and promptly let him go and kept an injured Leftwich on the team. Why? Who the hell knows.

It’ll be interesting to see what changes actually occur in the offseason. Obviously there will be a couple coaching changes (OL, obviously and probably ST) but fans hoping for real changes will probably be disappointed. The Steelers will probably view this season as just one of those down years with some bad luck and poor execution to blame for a non-winning season. The truth, of course, goes much deeper for this team’s woes this year. With Tomlin at the helm I only see this team continue to slide into mediocrity. Combine Tomlin’s mediocre coaching with some poor drafts in recent years and it doesn’t paint a good picture. At the same time I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers finish 10-6 and 11-5 next season, ending in a short exit out of the playoffs. The NFL, after all, is a mediocre league where anything is possible and the Steelers STILL are a talented team, although the window does seem to be quickly closing with most of the talent on the team comprised of aging vets.

And that is what is frustrating as a fan of this team, watching a talented team with a quickly closing window with guy’s like Ben, Harrison, Polamalu being led to underachieving seasons in a mediocre league under a mediocre head coach. Just wasted seasons. It sucks to root for a player or coach to fail but this is starting to remind me of the Kordell years where I found myself hoping he’d be benched and it taking FOREVER for that to happen under Cowher’s watch. Wasted seasons for a talented team with a super mediocre QB. I wasn’t wrong then and I doubt I’m wrong here so do we hope for a losing season under Tomlin next year so that he may get the boot or hope for another 10-6 or 11-5 season and a short exit out of the playoffs? See, it’d be one thing if Tomlin was improving or showing positive contributions to the team but that simply is not happening from my perspective. If anything, he’s somehow getting worse as a head coach, as he stubbornly never even seems to learn from past mistakes. Most head coaches stamp an identity on the team’s they coach, what is this team’s identity under Tomlin? There is none. Cowher, for all his shortcomings, most definitely gave his teams an identity, both good and bad. As the transition from vets to young guys continue I believe more fan’s will be forced to open their eyes to the reality that this team is being led by an incompetent, ineffective head coach. Time will tell. Let’s see what changes occur in the offseason.

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