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Steelers-Titans Recap

Steelers lose in completely embarrassing and underwhelming fashion to the average Titans at home, 16-9. The hits just keep coming for this team under Tomlin.

The Good – Ben played well initially and late in the game.

RB Stephens-Howlings had some nice 3 or 4 yard runs where it looked like nothing was there at the line.

Antonio Brown had a really solid game.

Haley had the offense come out on the attack, which was cool to see. The results were disappointing, though. Some strange select playcalls surrounded by poor execution and some poor decision making at times by Ben.

Rookie Jarvis Jones had a monster hit.

Willie Gay actually had some nice coverage and a couple pass breakups.

The D-line had some good pressure on QB Jake Locker in the 1st half. Had some good run stops early on.

Ryan Clark had a lot of tackles in the 2nd half, not really sure this is a good thing.

The Steelers had the lead 3 seconds into the game.  The bad – there wouldn’t be anymore points until under 2 minutes left in the game.

The Bad – The Oline had a bad game, big surprise. The tackles were continually abused in pass protection, hardly any holes opened in the run game. Pouncey went out with a season ending injury after being injured by his own player, great stuff.

As in any game, Ben held onto the ball too long on several plays resulting in sacks on 3rd and shorts which ended drives. Fans will once again blame  pass protection and the Oline but the fact is a QB in the NFL needs to get rid of the ball  in a very short amount of time. Ben will probably never stop the way he plays but he needs to keep in mind the situation (3rd and short, bad OLine, etc.) and adjust accordingly to that. He didn’t in this game which led to shortened drives.

The defense at times looked slow and mediocre against the run, especially at times in the 2nd half and on the Titans lone TD drive, which was compromised almost entirely of  run plays.

Isaac Redman fumbling as the Steelers were going in for a TD in the 1st half which was recovered by Titans. And then to top it off another fumble. At least he recovered that one. Dwyer getting cut and Redman getting carries looks like a giant mistake to say the least, especially considering Redman fumbled last year as well.

The team, once again under Tomlin, looked flat and uninterested as the game went on. Mistakes and poor execution was the name of the game.

Once again poor game management by Tomlin. And once again there was just 1 timeout left at the end of the game. Of course Tomlin uses that timeout with 2:03 left in the game and the score 16-2 with the Steelers at around the 5 yard line of the Titans. Why exactly? To save 3 whole seconds? If you are going to use it then you might as well try a surprise draw. But no instead it’s 3 straight passes to WR’s and RB’s literally 2 yards past the LOS and finally a 4th down TD pass. Smart team led by a really smart coach.

This season is looking like a disaster. It’s hard to come to any other conclusion after this game and the recent history with Tomlin at the helm. I hate to say it but…..


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