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Steelers-Bears Recap

The Steelers lose in typical fashion once again, falling at home to a pretty unimpressive Bears team, 40-23. Sloppy play, mediocre playcalling and mental mistakes was the norm, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

The Good – Felix Jones 11 yard carry on first play from scrimmage, yes!

– Watching Ben complete a sweet ass 45 yard pass to Antonio Brown on 3rd and 14 and down 17-0 in the 2nd quarter. Steelers desperately needed that play. Of course the Steelers have to settle for a FG on the drive.  On the big play Ben had tons of time to find Brown, a rarity with this offense, to be fair, it’s rare on any offense, Ben waited a good bit on the play before making the pass.

– Antonio Brown’s TD grab. Simply incredible. And credit to Ben for hanging in the pocket to make the pass.

– Nice run stop by LB Vince Williams in the 2nd quarter, fighting off a block to make the play for a short gain.

– Kiesel sack. The old man can still play.

– Antonio Brown with beautiful TD grab in the 2nd half. On the play, the Bears blitz and Mr. Outcast, Jonathan Dwyer makes a terrific block to buy time for Ben to make the throw.

– Watching Mr. Outcast, Jonathan Dwyer, show a little speed on a nice run in the 2nd quarter. Follows that up with a more impressive 10 yard run in the 3rd quarter, bouncing to the outside and showing good speed.

– Nice run stop on 3rd and short in the 3rd quarter by rookie Jarvis Jones.

– Watching Mike Adams play a little better at tackle in the 2nd half.

– ST’s played solid outside of the usual holding calls.

– Watching the Steelers defense bring some serious heat on Cutler in the 2nd half. Best pressure they’ve consistently brought this season. Even Mr. Invisible, Lamar Woodley, gets a sack.

– Ike Taylor and Willie Gay both had solid games. Gay gets a lot of flak, but in truth he’s a solid CB and is having a good season so far. Dependable tackler unlike say, Ryan Clark.

– Great effort by Cotchery on a 3rd and short in the 4th quarter to get the 1st down. Great hustle by DeCastro to help push him ahead. DeCastro did the same thing earlier on the drive to push Dwyer ahead for extra yards. He must’ve watched Velasco from last week.

– Ben’s INT at the end of the game. Ben has taken a beating in this game, why the hell was he in the game with the score 40-23 and less than 2 minutes left? Tomlin really has no control of this team and Haley seems fairly clueless at this point.

– Dwyer and Jones both had productive games, minus Jones’ fumble.

The Bad – Watching the Bears  march leisurely  down the field on the opening possession of the game. Easy out passes to open WR’s, easy runs against an emotionless defense.  Watching the refs “miss” yet another blatant holding call against the Steelers defense when Kiesel is bearhugged en route to Culter. If Collinsworth (who agrees with every ref call pretty much ever made) is noting it then you know it’s bad.

– Watching Ben get stripped on the 3rd play from scrimmage and being recovered by the Bears deep in Steeler territory. Ramon Foster completely blew his block on the play but Ben was completely careless on the play. Another shit sandwich start for the offense.

– Watching Ben overthrew an open Manny Sanders deep down the sideline on the 2nd series of the game. Are all receivers running seam routes in this game at this point?

– Watching Ben take a NASTY hit to his hand off a Bears helmet on a sack in the 1st half. The Bears player was completely unblocked on the play. Can’t wait to find out the injury report on that one after the game.

– Poorly thrown pass on 3rd and 9 to rookie WR Wheaton, still could’ve had the catch but pretty tough as the ball was thrown behind him.

– Ben pick 6. Did Ben throw it too early? Was Cotchery too slow to react to the pass? Either way, this offense stinks and this is a good illustration of why. I sometimes wonder if these guys actually practice during the week.

– Watching Ryan Clark do who knows what (Mendenhall spin-o-rama?) on a 3rd and 9 short dumpoff play and eventual 1st down play for the Bears. Guy has been playing worse than usual this season which is really saying something. Watching Ryan Clark miss yet another open field tackle on Bears RB Matt Forte leading to a huge 60+ yard run.

– The rushing yardage is a franchise low this far into the season but what’s really amazing is how conservative the playcalling has been. It’s like the Steelers know they can’t run the ball but yet somehow continue to do this in the most predictable ways possible.

– Watching Steelers LB Vince Williams completely miss the tackle and stuff on the Bears 4th and goal TD run in the 1st quarter. Nice job, winner.

– Down 17-3, the Steelers get a poorly timed holding call on a punt return, eliminating really good field position. Momentum killers –  this team is an expert at them.

– Watching  all the predictable 1st down run plays once again. Some worked, most didn’t. Same old shit, different game. First play after being down 27-10 in the 3rd quarter = handoff on 1st down. Losing football.

– On a second and inches, down 24-3, Dwyer is blasted 4 yards behind the LOS by Lance Briggs, who gets in virtually untouched. Worst run game in the NFL. Embarrassing.

– Watching both Steeler tackles continue to struggle mightily in pass protection as they crumple in on Ben on a lot of pass plays in the 1st half.

– Watching the Steelers take a TO on a Bears 3rd and 5 play. The Steelers have just scored a TD and the momentum is slowly going back their way, why call a TO in this situation?

– The playcalling after Dwyer’s big run at the end of the 2nd quarter. Dwyer had a great run but calling 2 more consecutive runs with Dwyer (including one on a 2nd and 12 after a 2 yard loss run) is just dumb and a potential momentum killer. How about PA downfield? That’s 2 runs for 1 yard. Haley is a very stubborn OC, not good. Haley does the same exact thing in the 3rd quarter after a 10 yard Dwyer run, following that up with two more run plays with Dwyer equaling 1 yard. Unreal. Just shit playcalling. Steelers. Don’t. Have. A. Dominant. Run blocking. O-line.

– Down 11 with 5 minutes left in the game, a handoff on 2nd and short. You’ve got to fucking be kidding me.

– Felix Jones fumble.

– Watching Ryan Clark literally miss every tackle attempt he made in the game. Barf inducing effort.

– The war’s not over until the last man comes home, someone bring Lamar Woodley home!

– 4 turnovers = 24 points for Chicago. Let that settle in. Losing football.
– Watching Ryan Clark once again play the man and not the ball in the 3rd quarter on a Cutler out pass that could’ve easily been picked if he had followed the ball.
– Bullshit calls by the refs on Gay for illegal contact which gave the Bears a 1st down on what would’ve been a punt and especially on Antonio Brown for facemask on a punt return. Complete horseshit. This team really can’t catch a break. A returner is allowed to put their hands to a defenders facemask, he didn’t turn or grab it. Late in the game the refs rule on a Chicago challenge that a previously ruled incompletion is actually a TD. Very questionable especially given the fact that it was originally ruled an incompletion.  Then the refs call a holding penalty on the Steelers O-line with the game pretty much decided. Fuck off. The refs were definitely not on the Steelers side in this game.
– Watching the Steelers defense play inspired ball in the 2nd half only to give up a huge TD drive at the end of the 4th quarter with the score 27-23 at the time.  Killer, but it’s hard to fault the defense for the loss when the offense had 5 turnovers.

– Isaac Redman getting completely bowled over by Lance Briggs causing the final turnover, a Big Ben fumble, leading to a Bears defensive TD. Redman is completely useless at this point. Why the hell was he even in the game at this point? Of course the ball magically falls right into Julius Peppers hands for an easy recovery and score.

The Weird – The Pouncey love affair by the media talking heads. It’s like this guy is the best center in the universe. Newsflash, it’s not his rookie season anymore. These guys clearly do not watch most games as Pouncey has regressed a good bit when he has actually played.

Summary – Another shitfest. The team played inspired ball at times in the 2nd half after sleepwalking a good bit through the 1st half, but that just illustrates how poorly this team has played and been coached thus far. Why wait until the team is 0-2 and down by 2 TD’s at home to finally “turn it on”? That’s been a recurring theme with this team under Tomlin and there’s no sign that it will change. Too many mental mistakes, turnovers, questionable playcalling (if a run succeeds, let’s run 2 more plays and then go 3rd and long!). This team needs a complete overhaul. New coaching, new front office personnel and some new talent.

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