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Steelers-Jets Recap

It’s finally happened, the Steelers get their first win of the season with a relatively easy victory over the Jets, 19-6. Very nice.

The Good – As will probably always be the case going forward, Ben carried the offense and finished the game with nice numbers and a good performance.

– Antonio Brown continues a great season with another great performance minus the dropped TD pass in the first half.

– Manny Sanders had a nice 55 yard grab. Unfortunately he ended the play with another dumb somersault into the endzone, a Steelers staple under Tomlin.

– Heath Miller productive day, per usual.

– Kelvin Beachum, playing at LT after Mike Adam’s recent poor performance at the position, played a solid game.

– Troy Polamalu was a disruptive force all over the field, including a nasty hit on a Jets WR and a sneaky blitz up the middle causing a quick pass by Jets QB Geno Smith.

– Ryan Clark actually made a positive play this season, picking off a Smith pass. Stop the presses.

– The defense did a good job of containing Geno Smith and the Jets offense, only allowing 6 points all game. Good chance you’ll get a victory if your defense only allows 6.

– Cortez Allen had some great man coverage in the 2nd half.

– Willie Colon had his customary holding penalty in the 2nd half. But wait, he plays for the Jets now, yes!

– youngster LB Vince Williams sniffing out a screen play for a loss. The kid has  potential, still a long ways to go, though.

– Another youngster and high draft pick, LB Jarvis Jones had some great pressure on Smith in the 4th quarter resulting in a bad pass and interception, this time snagged by LB Timmons. 2 turnovers by the defense, wow, thought it would never happen.

The Bad – After the Steelers got up to a ten point lead, the defense once again had another let down allowing the Jets offense to march down rather easily all the way down to the Steelers 23, fortunately the drive ended with Smith’s errant pass and interception to Ryan Clark.

– The defense continues to be soft against the run. The LB corps in particular has a long ways to go in terms of tackling and run support, way too inconsistent. Same goes for the D-line which was once a run stopping machine, not these days, though. It actually begs the question of why the Jets didn’t continue to run the ball more in this game as they averaged around 4 yards a carry.

– Still some braindead and bizarre playcalling by the Steelers and Todd Haley, along with some penalties at the wrong time. In particular a playcalling sequence involving 3 TE’s and a trick play inside the Jets redzone leading to a loss of yardage and a FG that started as a 1st and goal from around the 2 yardline.

The Funny – Watching Phil Simms and Bill Cowher argue over whether the Steelers should go for it on a potential 4th and inches at the Jets 2 yard line (it was ruled a first down). Cowher, according to “THE BOOK”, would definitely kick a FG, I have to say I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!  I wouldn’t mind Cowher doing all Steeler games, he was pretty entertaining. 

Summary – It’s overdue, but a win is a win and that’s good. The AFC North is looking pretty mediocre right now so the Steelers still have a shot, but considering the issues on this team it’ll take a minor miracle to get back into the playoff picture. Let’s see what happens next week with a huge game against the Ravens. Although with a 1-4 record every game is huge here on out. Time to pull out all the stops.

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