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Steelers-Patriots Recap

The Steelers stoop to a new low this season as they get annihilated by the Patriots 31-55. 55 is the most amount of points ever given up by a Steelers team in a game. Congratulations I believe are in order.

The Good – With the outcome as bad as it is it feels sort of wrong even listing any positives from this game but I’ll try.

– The Steelers stop the Pats on a 4th and GL stand after looking horrible throughout on the particular drive by the Pats offense. Big effort. Little did we know what was to come.

– Bell looked very good at times, nice to see a no-nonsense RB. He seems to be a jack of all trades, maybe a master of none, but that’s fine. He looked good as RB, in pass protection, he did drop a pass but also took a short screen pass and picked up 29 yards on a 3rd and 30 (LOL) in the first half. Continues to impress.

– Steelers not waiting until the 4th quarter to go no-huddle and seeing their first points of the game as a result in the 2nd quarter although disappointing finish as they settle for 3 instead of a much needed 7 down 14-0 at the time.

– Some nice playcalling in the 3rd quarter by Haley, including a nifty PA short dumpoff to a wide open Miller for an easy first down.

– Underutilized D-lineman Cameron Heyward was the lone bright spot for the defense as he snagged two sacks on Brady, both huge plays inside the Steelers redzone. On his second sack he actually broke through two blockers. Great effort.

– Ryan Clark finally did something positive this year as he knocks Gronk out of the game temporarily in the 3rd quarter.

– Really nice punt return by Antonio Brown in the 3rd quarter with the score 17-24 and the momentum seemingly going the Steelers way after a Pats three and out. Little did we know what awaited in the 4th quarter.

– After a rough 1st half, Troy makes a huge play on a strip and fumble recovery in Pats territory to start the 3rd quarter which results eventually in a TD for the Steelers.

– Ben’s TD passes – perfect.

– Jonathan Dwyer ripping off a big run at the end of the 2nd quarter setting the Steelers offense up deep in Patriot territory.

The Bad –  Ben’s overthrow on 3rd and 5 inside the Pats redzone to Manny Sanders that would’ve been a TD. Ben finished with 400 yards passing and 4 TD’s but a lot of his passes were off the mark or overthrown.

– Ben fumbling on the opening drive of the game. Let’s just call him Butterfingers Ben from now on, he’s fumbled a good bit this season.

– Watching Ryan Clark try to “cover” Pats TE Gronkowski. Get this guy out of the game please.

– Watching Ben, after the Steelers defense amazingly stops the Pats on a 4th and GL stand in the 1st quarter, heave the ball on his back foot after feeling pressure  up the middle resulting in a poorly thrown pass and INT, giving the ball right back to the Pats in Steelers territory. What a disaster. Very next play, Pats score their first TD on a Brady pass to a wide open WR. Only the Steelers could pull off such a string of highs and lows in such a short amount of time. (GL stand after looking horrible on D, Ben horrible pass for INT, next play TD pass for the Pats, unbelievable).

– Watching Troy get completely burned on the above TD pass. No reason for that. Troy’s performance in the 1st half was compromised of at least 3 penalties and plenty of blown coverage. Really bad. The unnecessary roughness penalty on Gronk’s TD catch was complete bullshit, though.

– Lebeau’s “gameplan” for Gronkowksi apparently was to let him run free to start the game. Later in the game apparently it was to put a rookie SS on him and hope for the best. Mission fail.

– All the blown coverages by the Steelers secondary.

– The O-line, with the usual injury count, played really poorly, particularly in the 1st half. A fatter, slower, who-gives-a-shit bunch of guys I have not seen in some time.

– Speaking of which, watching scrub tackle Beachum completely whiffing on a block and then falling down to the turf like an old man having have a heart attack leading to an easy sack for the Pats defense.  This might’ve been the easiest sack ever for a defender that was supposedly being “blocked” in the history of the NFL.

– 3rd and 3 draw to Bell in the 1st half, or maybe it was the 3rd quarter. What a horseshit call even though they picked up the 1st down. Bad play, luckily Bell converted, running hard.

– Manny Sanders with a horrible drop in the 3rd quarter on a contested pass. Tough grab but when it hits you in the hands you gotta hold on. Sanders shows potential but still a long ways to go.

– Horrible chop block call on Bell, complete horseshit.

– Speaking of which, there were some real horseshit calls by refs in the 1st half, all huge penalties as well. The pass interference call on rookie safety Thomas on Gronk in the endzone was probably the worst and basically gave the Pats a TD instead of what would’ve likely had been a FG with hardly any time left in the 1st half. Not that it would’ve mattered in the end but this kind of BS just continues to kill enjoyment in the game.

– Steelers offense had 4 trips inside Pats territory in the 1st half – 10 points for the Steelers offense. Not getting the job down.

– Pats big punt return after a poor punt and with the score 27-24, Pats, eventually leading to another Pats TD making the score 34-24 in the 4th quarter. This game was littered with these kinds of game momentum killers that all lead to the eventual outcome and blowout. This team does this kind of shit on a weekly basis. Look what happened to the Raiders today, completely annihilated at home against a mediocre Eagles team. Just how bad are the Steelers?

– Tomlin telling Ben to “Let it go” after Ben throws an INT at the end of the game after yet another miscommunication in the offense. Who the hell says this after getting annihilated and embarrassed to their star QB? How about it’s time to let Tomlin go? This guy is not a head coach, he’s a complete fraud. I almost feel like the Steelers ownership and FO are testing the fans or something at this point. Is it all a charade? Where’s the punchline?

– Watching the Steelers defense just give up in the 4th quarter with some of the sloppiest tackling I’ve ever seen. What happened to the Steelers run defense? A former shadow of what it once was. Run defense was simply horrendous in the 2nd half. It’s actually been bad all year but this was something else. I guess that’s what you get when you draft D-linemen that aren’t run stoppers.
– Patriots offense amassed over 600 yards of offense in this game. This is an offense that didn’t have over 300 yards of offense in 3 games this season. Time for a change.
– Lamar Woodley was once again largely absent. It would’ve been nice, particularly in the 2nd half, to get some sacks or at least pressure on Brady with the Steelers trying to get back into the game and the secondary shitting the bed, but I guess that’s asking for too much.

– The cherry on top – Watching Ryan Clark get completely burned on an 81 yard TD pass at the end of the 4th quarter with the Steelers still sort of in the game, down by 10 points.

The Weird – What’s the deal with the Steelers using a different returner on every kickoff return? Felix Jones, Manny Sanders, Jonathan Dwyer all returned kicks in the 1st half alone. Does this team actually have coaches?

The Stupidity – Other than the usual stuff, seeing Ben in the game with 2 minutes left and the Steelers down 24 and with a mediocre O-line. Why exactly? Is Tomlin playing FF on the side? At this point it honestly wouldn’t surprise me.

Summary – This was a very bizarre game to watch, as is the norm with the Steelers these days. The team made it a game at one point with Ben and the offense actually tying up the score 24-24 early on in the 2nd half. But did anyone actually feel like they were going to win this game? That’s the problem in a nutshell – this team lacks a killer instinct, they are poorly coached, they are too conservative, too predictable, too poorly prepared, lack discipline and consistency which makes coming back and taking a lead in a game pretty much impossible. And of course it didn’t happen in this game. I’ve said it for sometime. I mentioned it explicitly at the end of last year. Fans will be forced to open their eyes to the fact that this team is led by a poor head coach. Have you seen enough? I hope the Rooneys have. What we saw today is simply in inexcusable. In the end this is a team that is simply spinning out of control in every aspect and it’s only going to get worse unless there are huge changes made, starting at the very top.

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