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Steelers-Bengals Recap

Steelers get virtually every break in the 1st half and hold onto win in fairly comfortable fashion, 30-20 over the Bengals at home.

The Good – The offense continues with the wide open aggressive approach with mostly good results. There was a good bit of no-huddle in the 1st half. Ben looks to be in complete control of the offense and played well. O-line continues to play well, which is fantastic to see. It’s strange that in this disappointing season that one of the biggest issues that this team has had for some time, the O-line, has actually quietly improved even with injuries as the season has progressed. Part of that has to do with wide open offense and Ben getting rid of the ball quicker. Credit Haley for some of that.

– Bell continues to play solidly and consistently, over 100 all-purpose yards.

– Dwyer and Felix Jones helped to chip in with some quality runs in the 2nd half. Dwyer looked great in particular on a pitch sweep play.

– The defense looked very active early on. Hood actually got a sack on a stunt play as Heyward absorbed two blocks on the play, freeing up Hood. Heyward continues to impress.

– Troy was all over the field. Guy can still play.

– Antonio Brown, TD punt return.

– Suisham with an impressive 45 yard FG in the open end of Heinz Field with a ton of wind to contend with. Very impressive.

The Bad – It got a little bit uncomfortable in the 2nd half as the Steelers once again let off the gas and allowed the Bengals to creep slowly back into the game. The Steelers defense went into prevent about midway through the 3rd quarter. The Bengals pulled within 10, 20-30 midway 4th quarter and would’ve been within 8 if they had converted on a 2 point conversion. Jarvis Jones tipped the pass on the 2 point conversion play.

– Ryan Clark, that’s all.

The Hilarious – Lamar Woodley going out in seemingly the first series of the game with his recurring calf injury. Watch the Steelers re-sign this guy to a 5 year contract.

The Sad – Does anybody actually live in Pittsburgh these days? Weird to see a virtually half empty stadium the last few games.

Stupidest Thing Said All Year – Collinsworth commenting that things would’ve been much different for the Steelers this year if only Pouncey hadn’t gone down with his injury in the opening game of the season. Clearly this numbnuts does not watch the actual games, not even the ones he’s actually covering. The O-line has progressively played better and Velasco has actually played better at center than Pouncey has in a long time. Hell, Cody Wallace at least looks like he gives a damn out there which is an improvement over Pouncey

The Rah-Rah’s – Tomlin has been in a real “Rah-Rah” mode in the last couple of weeks. I’m guessing it’s to overcompensate for his lack of actual coaching. “See, guys? It’s all about execution!” One thing I’ve noticed through the years – whenever a head coach is going full on rah-rah on any and every positive play, no matter how small, it’s a sure sign that the head coach is actually pretty clueless as a coach and probably a little desperate.

Summary – How fitting that the Steelers win a game late in the season now that it virtually doesn’t matter. Watch this team win the final two games, miss the playoffs and drop in the draft. With a strong finish like that no coaching changes necessary. Rinse, repeat for next year, can’t wait! Sometimes I feel like I’m slowly losing my mind watching this team under Tomlin and the Rooneys.

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