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Steelers-Brown Recap

Steelers beat the Browns fairly easily at home 20-7.

The Browns game was a snoozer, Steelers win in typical fashion. Bell continues to look good. Ben had an OK day. Defense looked good at times, real bad at other times especially against the run. Same story.

The real story of the day is the stars almost aligned for the Steelers to make it into the playoffs…almost. The Steelers would’ve made it had the Chiefs beaten the Chargers which went into OT after the Chiefs kicker missed a 41 yard FG at the end of regulation. What a letdown. What a heartbreaker after the Ravens and Dolphins both lost earlier in the day and the Steelers took care of their business, all which needed to happen for the Steelers to stay alive.

It’s also too bad that the Steelers didn’t take care of business earlier in the year – starting 0-4 and with losses to the Titans, Bears (at home), Vikings, Raiders, Dolphins (at home in the snow in a virtual must-win situation). It would’ve taken a miracle to make it in and it almost happened but the Steelers in the end have no one to blame but themselves. When you’re relying on a team of backups to win a game on the road and the hope of decent NFL officiating to get you in you know you did something wrong. And boy did the refs screw the Steelers in the Chiefs-Chargers game. The Chargers attempted a fake punt in OT and it appeared the runner had the ball stripped but the refs didn’t even review the play.

What really doesn’t make sense on the play is if the runner had crossed the first down marker (seriously, check the video replay on nfl.com) then he fumbled the ball, because he fumbles or has the ball stripped right at around the 1st down marker. Where  do the refs draw the line on a play like this? An explanation is definitely owed by the NFL on this. Very bizarre that the refs didn’t stop the play to at least look at it. Instead the ref (the incompetent Bill Leavy) simply said “the runner gained the line to gain” or some horseshit. So, uh, that means what? No fumble? Sounds good. The officiating in the NFL is a complete joke.

As for the Steelers maybe they will start the season off next year with a little more urgency. Maybe the team will finally realize that all 16 games count. Tomlin needs to go but anyone hoping for that to happen will be in for a disappointment for sure, especially after the Steelers managed to almost make it into the playoffs. Will that be the ceiling going forward with this team under Tomlin – almost making into the playoffs? Good enough! I shudder to think. Let’s hope for some good moves in the offseason and a decent draft.

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