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Steelers-Ravens Thoughts

Steelers lose in embarrassing fashion on the road to the Ravens, 26-6. I only saw an abbreviated version of the game so will just lend some thoughts on it.

Remember the movie Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray? Well, that’s what it feels like watching a Steelers game with Tomlin as head coach. NOTHING CHANGES. Well, I take that back, things are gradually getting worse, especially on the defensive side of things, as I believe we might very well be witnessing the worst Steelers defense in most of our lifetimes this season. Let’s look at what a Tomlin-led Steelers team is made of, especially now that this is most definitely his team, personnel-wise.

– No killer instinct

– Dumb penalties/undisciplined play

– Dumb turnovers due to sloppy play

– Poor use and evaluation of talent

– Poor in game management

– Outdated schemes

– Lack of adjustments

– Lack of toughness

– Lack of identity

I honestly believe that Mike Tomlin may be the worst head coach in the NFL at this point. What he positively brings to the team is still a complete mystery, no one knows. It’s a strange coincidence that the defensive draft picks have been worse under Tomlin and yet oddly, the Steelers have made some good picks with the skill positions on offense (Brown, Bell, Wallace). Maybe he should be demoted to WR coach.

Now, it ‘s not just Tomlin, obviously, that is the issue with this team. Why Dick Lebeau, at the age of 77, is still coaching is kind of mind blowing. Even if the players love him and even if he is a legend, it’s clear today’s game has passed him and his defense by. Haley is what he is, a master of inconsistency and head scratching calls at key points in games.

After last night’s loss, it’s hard picturing this team finishing with a winning record. Ben had a bad game and if he doesn’t have a great game this team has no chance of winning which is kind of a big problem. It’s way too much pressure on one play no matter how good he is.

I wouldn’t mind the entire coaching staff blown up after the season, same with the FO, nothing to lose at this point. I honestly don’t care what style this team plays on either side of the ball, I just want to see some really positive changes for the first time in years.

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