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Steelers-Browns Recap

Steelers go into Cleveland in a big early divisional rematch and the Steelers get completely steamrolled and routed, 31-10.

The Good – Not much to be honest. The run game looked good early on but the Steelers offensive gameplan was conservative to an absurd level. The first half playcalling consisted of almost all runs and resulted in just 3 points on the first 3 possessions, Steelers did eat up a lot of clock but with the way this team plays and is coached in tight games in the 4th quarter not a, arguably, smart approach. Maybe the coaching staff realized the defense would have problems with the Browns Hoyer-led offense (and they did) and wanted to control the clock but guess what? YOU HAVE TO SCORE POINTS as well.  In the end this was another typical and scared, ass backwards gameplan from Tomlin and company in a big game. Tomlin clearly was scared that the 2nd half of the first game against Cleveland would happen again and signed off on a super conservative “play not to lose” gameplan. Rinse, repeat, this is what Tomlin is all about as a head coach, a gutless scared head coach, a complete fraud.

– Brown had a couple nice grabs, Bell had 82 yards, blah, blah, blah.

– Cam Heyward with a big time sack on 3rd down on the Browns opening possession of the game. Heyward applied good pressure throughout, he’s a keeper, one of the few on this team at this point.

– Steelers defense early on, looking tough. Good pressure on Hoyer. No first downs on first 2 series. -8 yards for Cleveland’s offense but that would change of course.

The Bad – Dri Archer returns the games opening kickoff and promptly runs right into his own teammate who is blocking a Browns player. Steelers start inside the 20. Archer then gets a carry on the 2nd possession and promptly falls down Is Archer supposed to be fast? Why was this guy drafted in the 3rd round?

-Horrible playcall on 3rd and goal for the Steelers from around the Cleveland 4 yard line on the 2nd possession of the game. A run…For no gain with Blount. This after the entire drive, outside of one play (pass interference call on browns), consisted of run plays. Way too predictable and odds of getting in on a run up the middle in the situation cannot be very high, this wasn’t the 1 yard line.

– Wheaton dropping a 3rd down pass inside the Browns redzone in the 1st half. This would lead to a bobbled hold/missed FG attempt, which would then lead to…

– On the Browns 3rd possession, Hoyer leads them easily down field for a TD, hitting a Browns TE downfield who was WIDE OPEN, setting up a TD run at around the Steelers 3 yard line. Kiesel, of all players, makes the tackle way downfield on the play. Ugly. Another defensive breakdown. This would then lead to more defensive breakdowns and pretty much a complete defensive collapse as the Browns would take their next 2 series and drive easily for more TD’s, 21-3. The 2nd TD was another big pass play over the middle with Troy up on the play in coverage and Allen getting burned as the TD pass went to a Browns TE for the score.

– The Steelers run defense continually got gashed as the game progressed. This has to be the worst run defense since…the 80’s? Maybe even worse.

– The Steelers never recovered or adjusted after trailing 21-3 at halftime. The offense never kicked it into high gear, to start the 2nd half the offense was still puttering around with short plays, run plays. Ben had a bad game but was definitely effected by the playcalling and the ultra conservative gameplan which handcuffed him. Really depressing to watch.

The Depressing – The overall outlook of this team going forward, there is nothing to be optimistic about honestly. I posted last year and the year before and the year before that I believed that Steeler fans would eventually be forced to open their eyes to the fact that Tomlin is not a good head coach. How many people believe otherwise at this point? I don’t want to be right on this but it is what it is and it’s only getting worse. How long before a change is made? I look over at the Penguins who were in a very similar situation with their head coach Bylsma, fired him, hired Mike Johnston and the future looks bright again, to start the season the Pens have scored 11 goals in their first 2 games.

Summary – It is what it is, the team simply isn’t very good, poorly coached, questionable talent. Until real changes are made it’s extremely hard to get excited going forward regardless of schedule and it only gets harder from here on out.

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