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Steelers-Jets Recap

Steelers lose on the road to one of the worst teams in the NFL, the NY Jets, 20-13. Hey, I’ve seen this show before!

The Good – Not much, in fact, I can’t think of anything other than rookie WR Martavis Bryant getting another TD catch on an 80 yard bomb at the very end of the game. There you go Fantasy Football nerds, yeah!

The Bad – Pretty much everything. Poor play across the board. Another game under Tomlin where the Steelers show up against a poor team completely flat, devoid of any emotion, making continual mistakes. Antonio Brown had two huge fumbles, Ben had arguably his worst game of the season. The offensive gameplan assured there wouldn’t be much success in the air, neither did the play of the O-line which got shredded time and again in pass protection.

To play devil’s advocate, I can see where Haley was going with the conservative gameplan to open the game. Run the ball and pepper in short passes against a Jets defense that would be, in theory, expecting the pass and blitz. The problem is, like in just about every game outside of the last 2, Haley stubbornly stuck to this gameplan until it was too late. By the 2nd quarter Ben was 8/10 for 24 yards. That is not going to cut it unless the running game is dominating which it certainly did not today. Too many plays had poor personnel on the field like in the 4th quarter when the Steelers were inside the Jets 5 yard line and Will Johnson, Heath Miller and James Harrison (??) were the targets on a pass play. After the game Ben remarked that the play hadn’t been practiced with Harrison. Tomlin said they had practiced it for weeks. Just what the hell is going on here? Furthermore, what the hell is the point of running it?

The defense reverted back to it’s mediocre soft form after a couple weeks of playing aggressive ball. Jets tore chunks of yards on the ground. The defense struggled to stop Vick from scrambling at times. And the Steelers D gave up a long TD play early on, which is another staple of a Tomlin led Steelers team when it doesn’t show up to play. Willie Gay dropped an easy INT which sort of summed up the game for the Steelers.

Special teams had numerous mistakes. Suisham somehow missed a 23 yard FG after Tomlin elected to not go for it down 20-3 with about 13 minutes left in the game.

Summary – What can you say at this point other than this is typical Steelers loser ball under Tomlin. Not surprising to see after a couple of quality wins. This happens like clockwork at this point. Team shows up flat, gameplans are meek and devoid of any aggressiveness. Basically the opposite of the last weeks when the Steelers have looked the best all season. Tomlin’s Steelers are apparently 1-8 vs. .200 and under teams. How is that even possible? Simply amazing. I find it pretty much impossible to remain optimistic and I can’t see how anyone else can be at this point. Even if the Steelers go back to being aggressive, rest assured the team will eventually revert to loser ball under Tomlin. There is absolutely zero evidence that this won’t be the case. If we are being objectively honest the last two weeks were basically Ben being given the keys to run an aggressive offense and James Harrison, the warrior that he is, leading an all out aggressive defense. These two things helped to cover up the consistent issues at coaching. We’ll see what happens next week in Tennessee. Win, lose, it’s impossible to predict at this point.

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