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Some post-post season thoughts

Late in the third quarter of the game on Sunday with the Steelers getting shellacked the CBS cameras panned to the Steelers sideline. What did we see? A couple of Steeler receivers laughing it up. If this isn’t the most damning evidence of a poorly run team with players having no respect for those in charge I’m not sure what is. Maybe it would be Ben questioning the coaching earlier in the year? Or maybe Antonio Brown recording the post game locker room speech given by Tomlin. Here we are in the game to decide which team goes on to the Super Bowl, the ultimate prize in football, and we see players who clearly give no shits about the outcome. That is very alarming and honestly not surprising for anyone that has actually followed the Steelers. In the end a team is a reflection of their coach and this is the Steelers under Tomlin. Great to see.

What I’d really like to know is how can an owner of a team watch the game unfold on Sunday and think “Yeah, I’d like to sign Tomlin to an extension”. If and when the Rooney’s sign Tomlin to another contact extension this will just be more proof that owners, or at least most owners, aren’t really concerned with winning a Super Bowl, instead the concern is just  making sure the team is competitive enough to sell tickets and merchandise. “But Tomlin got his team to the AFC Championship game!” Yeah in one of the worst years ever for the AFC, I mean, how many legitimately good teams were there in the AFC this year? One? No, I’m being serious, every team not named the Pats had at least 2 out of 3 of the following key issues – Bad defense, no QB, mediocre coaching, and in a lot of cases all three. Let’s not even look at the teams that didn’t make the playoffs let’s instead look at the teams that did make the playoffs. —

Miami Dolphins – Backup QB, suspect at best defense  and who is their head coach? Regis Philbin? How did this team even make the playoffs? Great job, NFL.

Oakland Raiders – With Carr injured that was it for the Raiders when you thrown in a young and suspect at times defense. Coaching has been impressive though this season for the Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs – Just mediocre all around,  with some serious talent at some positions in the defense. 12-4, still can’t believe it. Alex Smith is still playing and Andy Reid is still coaching is all that needs to be said really.

Houston Texans – Great defense, shit QB and a lameduck head coach. The Patriots actually would’ve likely lost their playoff match against the Texans if Osweiler could hit the broadside of a barn. If the Texans had a coach that didn’t just go by the book of conservative safe coaching 101 (which most coaches follow in the NFL these days) that would’ve helped.

So there we have it, we’re like one step away from the strike years it feels like with the quality of play and coaching currently in the NFL. Belichick must love it although he may start to feel bored with the lack of any threats in his conference.

I still can’t get over just poorly Tomlin prepared his team for Sunday, it was downright baffling. Last I checked this is the NFL, not Pop Warner football and things really aren’t that complicated. The Patriots are not a mystery except apparently to Tomlin. Even some of the defensive players like James Harrison have come out since the game questioning and puzzled by the defensive gameplan and who can blame them.

We may or may not be back next season, honestly I’m getting sick of writing the same shit over and over again season after season. It’s gotten to the point where I see Steeler fans trying to rationalize the same kinds of losses over and over again with “Maybe Tomlin will learn from these mistakes, he’ll become a better coach”, at this point how likely is that to happen? 0.01%? What’s funnier is seeing some fans pretending the issues for losses like yesterday have nothing really to do with Tomlin in the first place, great, so what is Tomlin’s responsibilities as a head coach?

I’d fire the entire coaching staff after yesterday’s game, it was alarmingly bad across the board, I can’t imagine a worse coaching performance. Teams should have this game on hand to teach young coaches on what NOT to do to get their team prepared to win a big game. I honestly think Tomlin is a pretty dumb (and scared) coach who covers it with transparent false bravado. It’s gotten old, real old. Maybe next season Steelers will win another playoff game, hooray.

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